Papers and Presentations

Selwyn Cornish and Raghbendra Jha: Trevor Swan and Indian Planning; The Lessons of 1958/59

Claire Wright: Communicating infrastructures in Economic History

Harry Bloch: Schumpeter on Money, Credit and the Price Level

Chris Berg: Adam Smith in the Australian Colonies

Noriko Ishida: Methodological Implications of Thorstein Veblen’s Theory of Human Nature

John Creedy: A Journey with the Catallactists

John Hawkins: CH Wickens, The Commonwealth’s Second Statistician and First Economist

Rob Bay: Speehamland and Australia

Peter Docherty: Keynes’s Influence on the Design of the Australian Monetary Policy Framework

Peter Kreisler and John Nevile: The coming of Keynesianism to Australia

Ian M. McDonald: Keynes and Robinson

Benedict Davies: Richard Downing and National Superannuation

Alex Milmow: Rewriting the history of Australian economic thought

Ian McFarlane: Reevaluating Giblin

Geoff Fishburn: Section F

Rick Umback: Menzies and Economic Liberalism

Satoshi Fujimura: N.S. Senior

Jeremy Shearmur: Hayek

Sreve Kates: Classical economics explained

Geoffrey T. F. Brooke, Anthony M. Endres, and Alan J. Rogers: New Zealand Population

Greg Moore: Euler’s Homogenous Function Theorem and the Adding-up Problem

Cecily Hunter: Edward Dyason